K1145, formally known as TTZ, is a toughened modified Zirconia material that has excellent thermal, conductive, and physical properties for use as a spacer between magnets in assemblies, magnet systems, and magnet arrays. It is especially popular with rare-earth (Neodymium Iron Boron and Samarium Cobalt) magnet assemblies where potential impact is an issue. Because the material has a high density, and has been toughened, it is very resistant to abrasion, is considered inert, and is fracture resistant. Surfaces can be polished as desired to achieve a low coefficient of friction numbers, and if secondary and tertiary processes are utilized, mirror finishes are possible.
K1145 meets NASA’s out-gassing requirements for space programs because CML and CVCM values are both zero. K1145 is excellent in ultra-high vacuum applications, medical applications, and applications requiring extremely tight mechanical tolerances over a range of temperatures.

Characteristic Value Units Value Units
Bulk Density 5.76 g/cm3 360 lb/ft3
Specific Resistance >6.9 μ-ohm-m >27 10-5 ohm-in
Flexural Strength 650 N/mm2 82000 psi
Compressive Strength 1800 N/mm2 260000 psi
CTE (rm temp to 100˚C) 9.8 10-6/˚C 7.7 10-6/˚F
Thermal Conductivity 2.2 W/m.K 1.27 BTU/ft.hr.˚F
Max Grain Size 0.008 mm 0.0003 in
Maximum Operating Temp. 450 ˚C 842 ˚F
Color Gray/Black


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