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Tests and Certifications Offered

Certificate of Compliance (C of C)
MCE confirms that the products in your order meet all specified requirements. We maintain quality records available for inspection. This certification is included with every order, even if not requested, and can be found on the packing slip.
BH Curves
This focuses on magnetic characteristics, specifically showing the second quadrant hysteresis curve. It reveals magnet behavior under various conditions. Typically, it's conducted on a sample from a production lot. However, it's a destructive test, rendering the sample unusable. This information is provided if agreed upon during the order placement.
Flux Density and Total Flux Tests
Flux Density and Total Flux readings use specific instruments. The test costs vary based on quantity, documentation, and analysis needs. These tests are non-destructive, allowing the magnets to be used in production if tested.
First Article Inspection Report
This certification can be added to any order. MCE inspects a sample per lot, recording measurements for accuracy assessment, avoiding the need for 100% inspection. However, 100% inspection is an option too. Reach out to discuss your inspection requirements.

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