K1082 is a high performance, carbon-based, filler material that has excellent thermal, conductive, and physical properties. It is used as the filler between magnets in assemblies, magnet systems, and magnet arrays. It is especially popular with rare-earth (Neodymium Iron Boron and Samarium Cobalt) magnet assemblies.

K1082 is superior to the conventional potting compounds since it can withstand very high shock impact and temperatures without changing its physical properties. The carbon base gives it extreme longevity. Since plasticizers are not used, the material properties do not change with time, temperature, or exposure to other harsh environments.

Characteristic Value Units Value Units
Bulk Density 5.76 g/cm3 360 lb/ft3
Specific Resistance >6.9 μ-ohm-m >27 10-5 ohm-in
Flexural Strength 650 N/mm2 82000 psi
Compressive Strength 1800 N/mm2 260000 psi
CTE (rm temp to 100˚C) 9.8 10-6/˚C 7.7 10-6/˚F
Thermal Conductivity 2.2 W/m.K 1.27 BTU/ft.hr.˚F
Max Grain Size 0.008 mm 0.0003 in
Maximum Operating Temp. 450 ˚C 842 ˚F
Color Gray/Black

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