After receipt of Order

Used to mark a lead time between when we start the job and shipping the job.  Public holidays and planned plant shutdowns will need to be added to this.  MCE has two planned shutdowns that are described below.


After receipt of Order

If customer is supplying material, the processing time required after we receive the material.  In the absense of this, CSM must be received with the order.


Approved Supplier List/Approved Vendor List

A list of subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors that is approved by the customer.  If the customer has such an approved list and wishes that MCE utilize organizations on this list, the list, or access to it, must be given to MCE at time of order.


Customer Supplied Material

If customer supplies any part, material, or component, it is abbreviated as CSM.  This includes any special epoxies, adhesives, and varnishes, and includes any item that would be required to manufacture the job even if it does not exist on the part (drawings, test procedures, inspection gauges, special testing hardware, engineering gold standards, special instructions, customer specifications referenced on the drawing or purchase order, and any other item that may be necessary to manufacture the part, including any special regulatory and statutory requirements that must be met).


Defense Federal Acquisitions Supplement

Relates to the Defense Federal Aquisition Supplement clause, typically in regards to Specialty Metals aquisition.  If this is a requirement on your order, and you failed to mention this at the time MCE quoted you, you must discuss this with the salesperson.


Lead Time

Time between receiving an order and shipping the product.

NRE Charge

Non-recurring engineering charge

A one time charge for a particular configuration that is attributed to engineering efforts.  The NRE-Charge is used for creating plannings, work instructions, quality control instructions and such.


Rough Order of Magnitude

This means that the prices given are only a rough order of magnitude, it is not a quote, MCE is not bound to honor this price.  The ROM is given to the customer for their budgetary planning purpose.



Used in terms of lead time for shipping parts, typically counts as 7 consecutive days, excludes any public holidays and planned plant shutdowns (summer shutdown is ONE week, coincides with 4th of July week, winter shutdown is 10 Days, coincides with Dec 25th through Jan 1st, both days inclusive).


Quality Assurance Provisions

Specific quality assurance provisions that may have special requirements.


Special Purchase Order Conditions

Special conditions that may apply to an order, such as requirements for use of customer specified subcontractors for a specific purchase order.

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