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MCE is committed to meeting or exceeding all of the Quality needs and expectations of our customers. We take Quality very seriously! We maintain an ISO-9001:2015, SAE-AS9100D and MIL-I-45208A registered manufacturing facility, with a surveillance audit option that requires continuous audit (annually) by independent auditors. Add our internal audits, High Reliability (HR) component manufacturer audits, aerospace audits and Critical Component audits; our Quality System is tested about 15 times a year.

With a 1:1 ratio of Quality Inspectors to employees (Quality at MCE is the responsibility of every employee, and therefore every employee is a Quality Inspector), we make Quality parts. Take a look at a part made by MCE and you will see the pride taken doing the job. Our teams of high performance professionals do the job quickly and correctly! At MCE, Quality is part of our culture.

With statistical process control on production jobs, you can be assured that you will get parts that not only meet your specifications, but also exhibit a distribution that will clearly indicate that the parts are being manufactured to nominal values, exhibiting a high Cpk.

Computerized non-contact optical systems capable of measuring within 20 millionths of an inch can quickly inspect parts without errors, and can save part inspection programs to recall as required ensuring that multiple lots are all inspected to the same requirements. State of the art Hysteresisgraph ensures that we are providing our customer with the most premium magnet materials. Digital "supermics" with SPC output give us the ability to control processes as required.

The Quality Assurance System incorporates Quality System Procedures (QSP) for the following key areas that affect quality:

  1. Quality System
  2. Quality Planning 
  3. Management Representative & Management Review 
  4. Contract Review
  5. Design and Development
  6. Configuration Management
  7. Document Control
  8. Purchasing
  9. Verification of Purchased Product
  10. Customer Property
  11. Identification and Traceability
  12. Planning of Product Realization
  13. Control of Production
  14. Monitoring and Measuring
  15. Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices
  16. Control of Non-Conforming Product
  17. Corrective Action
  18. Preventive Action
  19. Preservation of Product
  20. Resource Management
  21. Control of Records
  22. Internal Audits
  23. Statistical Techniques

It is therefore not surprising that MCE facilities conform to MIL-I-45208A, ISO-9001:2015 and the Aerospace Standard SAE AS9100D, and we are a supplier to many defense, aerospace and medical companies. Parts we manufacture have gone into the Space Station, Missiles, Satellites, Munitions, and High Performance Aircrafts. And it is because of this assurance of quality that MCE has been the selection of many defense companies for High Reliability (HR) Projects. So if QUALITY is important to you, give us a call!