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Magnetic Component Engineering uses state of the art magnetizing equipment to ensure that your magnets are SATURATED. The high energy, high coercivity magnets available today require large amounts of energy to saturate the material. A magnet that was not fully saturated will not work as designed in the application because the smaller magnetizers will only influence the weaker domains. However, it is the STRONG domains that are most desirable. They offer the most resistance to change magnetizing and demagnetizing. To capture these strong domains, large magnetizing fields are essential.

Magnetizing specific configurations are achievable by making special magnetizing "fixtures" and "solenoids". Special magnetizing fixtures can be used to obtain radial magnetization patterns, multiple poles, bipolar fields and such.

Describe your application to our engineers; we will recommend the most appropriate method of achieving your requirement!

If you require reversing the polarity of a magnet, we are equipped to handle the task. When reversing polarity, usually a higher amount of energy is required than that which was used to magnetize the virgin magnet. It is the only way to bring the magnet back to its original strength. We can do it for you!

Occasionally, magnets may need to be demagnetized for further processing, such as being required to dimensionally modify the magnet, or have the magnet coated or plated. MCE is equipped to handle your demagnetizing needs!

Our magnetizers go as high as 84 kJ, and are pre-framed to be taken as high as 108 kJ if required. This can be delivered at 2000V. There is no job too big for us! Our magnetizers are one of the biggest in the world. So if you are looking for energy, we have lots of it!