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Magnet Assemblies


Complete Magnet Assembly and/or Sub-assembly

Magnetic Component Engineering can provide you with a complete magnet assembly or sub-assembly.

The advantages of these services are as follows:

  1. You can purchase a finished component or sub-assembly from one source. You no longer have to incur the costs of purchasing, coordinating, inspecting and inventorying sub-components.
  2. Tighter tolerances can be held on the assembly. We can finish grind an assembled unit, which can reduce the effects of stacked up tolerances.
  3. You are not responsible for magnets that break during the assembly phase. You are purchasing a finished piece.
  4. Often, the assembly process may be DANGEROUS when large magnets are involved. MCE has the experience and equipment necessary to handle large assemblies.

Often getting a complete assembly will take less time than purchasing the individual components. It is usually faster to have us make the assembly than for you to purchase sub-components and assemble in-house. We have state of the art CNC machining equipment and state of the art inspection technology. Feel the difference of working with us, an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D:2000-B certified company!

Important: If your assembly is not symmetrical, please use the correct method of defining polarity.

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