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BH Curves - Testing Magnetic Materials

Do you need a magnetic material (magnetically hard) tested for its magnetic properties?

Magnetic Component Engineering can run a BH Curve (2nd Quadrant, or a full hysteresis loop) on magnetically hard materials (permanent magnet materials) for you using a computerized hysteresisgraph FAST!

Sample preparation is done in-house giving better control. Tests can usually be done within 72 hours from receipt of sample. The results are traceable to NBS (National Bureau of Standards).

Call us for more information and a price quotation on running a BH Curve for you!

Some important points about submitting samples for a magnetic analysis:

  1. The test is a destructive test. Even though the final sample is available and retained for traceability purposes, the original part is usually cut and ground to produce the test sample and therefore no longer useable as the original piece.
  2. The maximum intrinsic coercivity that can be tested is 27 kOe.
  3. Samples must have an orientation that is normal to a surface. Materials with a radial orientation cannot be tested at MCE.
  4. The minimum sample size required is 0.250 Diameter x 0.250 Long; or 0.250 cube.
  5. If your sample is less than 0.250 in the direction of orientation, you must submit multiple samples so that we can stack the samples up to build up the .250 dimension. However, parts cannot be stacked orthogonal to the orientation direction.  Note that some integrity of the data will be lost because of stacking, however, the data will still give a good indication of the type of material.