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Aerospace and Defense

Magnetic Component Engineering, with over 30 years of experience, can manufacture high performance permanent magnets, magnet assemblies and magnetic components to your specifications.

Certified to SAE AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015 and MIL-I-45208A, we provide quality magnetic solutions from concept, to prototype, through production. Whether your job is DPAS rated (DX or DO) or not, you will get the attention you need (MCE complies with all requirements of 15 CFR 700.11 for Defense Priorities and Allocations System rated jobs)!

How we can add value for you

  1. When it comes to speed, we remain unbeatable. So when you need it fast, the only question you need to answer is "how fast". We will provide you with tools that will enable you to control the desired lead times of your jobs with us.
  2. We have been supplying to the Aerospace and Defense industries for over a generation. This means we have the Quality Control experience, equipment, systems, traceability, and procedures to ensure compliance. The specific quality requirements that you state on your purchase order will be followed.
  3. Our materials are state of the art. When you select our advanced materials, you will find that the material performance is unbeatable.  We have some of the most advanced Samarium Cobalt and Neodymium Iron Boron materials available.  Our S3069 Samarium Cobalt has a nominal Br = 11.10 kG, yet a minimum intrinsic coercivity of 19 kilo-oersteds.  Our N4467 Neodymium Iron Boron has a nominal energy product of 44 MGOe, with a minimum intrinsic coercivity of 17 kilo-oersteds.
  4. Our Technical Knowledge and Engineering Support is a resource that will enhance your ability to achieve your goals, keeping you ahead of the competition.

    So if failure is not an option, MCE is the right choice for you!