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MCE will always remain unbeaten on speed when it comes to custom manufacturing. Before most of our competitors can enter an order in their system, a custom part manufactured by us can be in your hands! When your current vendor says "impossible", call us and let us show you what imagination and commitment can do.

How can this be possible? As usual the answers are simple...

A team of high performance individuals

An incentive based system, experienced managers, and a team that is committed to meeting or exceeding the customer's expectations, makes for a winner! When you receive products from MCE, you will notice the pride that has gone into making the product. We take our job seriously, and every one of us know that the customer has a choice! We will do whatever we can to keep your choice MCE!

Quality Systems (ISO-9001:2015 and SAE AS9100D Certified)

By having a Quality System in place that is rock solid, system breakdowns do not occur. Policies and Procedures are documented and implemented, and tasks are clearly defined, giving responsibility and authority without ambiguity. Finally a true "Chain of Command" system allows all requirements from the customer to flow down to the operator without loss of information integrity.

Advanced Computerized Applications

Two key computer systems are utilized, Niagara and Hurricane.

  1. Niagara, an advanced, artificial intelligence (AI) type system management software, with a SQL engine, and the state-of-the-art PGARSI (Proactive Graphical Automatic Reporting System Interface) interface gives the ability for employees to receive automatic hourly assignments and the managers to receive automatic bottleneck alert points for immediate isolation and recovery. A system so advanced that a custom order can be on the production floor being processed within 30 minutes of receiving the order, with all controls still in place.
  2. Hurricane, another state-of-the-art software for tooling design and production planning, can generate a full production plan, identify critical operations, implement appropriate controls, and provide statistical inspection plan for the Quality Dept. within minutes, even for complex parts. In-process quality inspection allow for problems to be caught when they start occurring, rather than in final inspection. For a demonstration, visit with us, but make sure to have your seatbelts on. We will redefine the word SPEED and FAST for you!

And to maintain such complex systems, MCE has a complete Information Technology Department (IT Dept). Our IT engineers ensure that employees have access to required data, and the customer's confidential data is secure. Electronic data is controlled utilizing the "on a need to know basis" model, and the Microsoft "trust" and "authorization" system.   MCE considers all drawings, specifications, and other information provided to us by our customers as "Customer Property" and maintains procedures and policies to protect them.

State of the Art Equipment

MCE has continuously and consistently invested heavily in state of the art equipment, our tools! Let loose a team of high performance individuals with the state of the art equipment, and see the results. We spend our time making precision parts, not patching together old tired equipment. This empowers our employees, and assures the customer results!

Inventory for manufacturing

Our inventory of raw materials is the most premium in the world. Long-term contracts with raw material suppliers ensure that we receive the cream of the crop; the rest is sent to the competition! How much inventory do we have? A lot! MCE carries one of the largest stocks of rare-earth inventories in the world under one roof.

Give us a call and experience being on the winning team!