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MCE has been in business since 1973. We have been supplying the defense, aerospace and communication industries since then. This means we have a lot of experience. Simply put, "we've been around the block"! We make complex assemblies and magnets that many say "can't be done". Here is our formula:

High Performance Individuals

MCE is extremely selective. Employees are hired after extensive testing, interviews and skill assessment. Timed, written tests are administered for key positions and minimum standards have to be met before an interview is granted. The screening is rigorous, and sometimes termed "brutal". Those that made it through are tough, high-performance motivated individuals. However the tests don't stop there. A rigorous documented training begins. Cross training and retraining are implemented as necessary. Before the employees are allowed to work on "live" jobs, further assessment is made for competence and expertise. Professionals that are trained - not novices and beginners - make your parts.

High Performance Equipment

From CNC metalworking machines to Rotary heavy stock removal grinders, furnaces, and magnetizers, state-of-the-art equipment is utilized. Equipment is purchased new, and is the best technology that money can buy. Equipment on the production floor that is suspect (unable to hold required tolerances) is investigated and, as required, repaired or decommissioned. What does this do for you as the customer? The competition will allege it raises your costs! However, the proof is in the output - you get parts that meet or exceed your expectations on time without excuses! We look at it as "intelligent savings", an investment in our customer's future! We spend our time making precision parts, not patching together tired equipment.

High Performance Environment

Housekeeping, facilities, systems, and tools are all important. A friendly, clean environment is easy to work in. Malfunctioning and broken items are fixed immediately. Every function from calibration of gages to recall of expired materials is promptly carried out. From windows to doors, driveway to lobby, you will find that meticulous efforts are put into keeping the place clean and working. This is the minimum standard imposed on us, and the same standards are applied to your parts. The basis is Quality. Quality at MCE is a culture, not just talk!


Take a team of high performance well trained individuals, put them in a high performance environment, and give them high performance state-of-the-art resources. The results - EXPLOSIVE! The integration leads to a system that cannot be stopped - continuous improvement, quality output, and a desire to learn and satisfy the customer! The formula is easy and many may know it, but we have it implemented and that's a huge competitive edge!

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