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At MCE, we take inventory very seriously. The picture is best presented by letting you know what we do...

First we make sure we have the BEST. Our materials are superior in that they are cutting edge technology materials. We put emphasis on giving you today's technology today, rather than trying to sell yesterday's technology today. Look at what we offer. Our S3069 material is in production and unmatched by anyone to date! A grade of Samarium Cobalt 2:17 series that has been made with processes so advanced that consistently we can achieve Br values around 11 kG, with a minimum Br of 10.9 and that is GUARANTEED! Our grades of Neodymium Iron Boron also exceed industry standards, such as our N5062 that is GUARANTEED to have a maximum energy product of 48.5 MGOe minimum. Our N4467 material has GUARANTEED intrinsic coercivity of 17kOe. How many competitors can offer that? When we say we offer the BEST, we are very serious about it!

Then we hold one of the largest inventories of raw materials in the world! You won't hear us say we are out of raw materials. Our standard grades are so abundant that we could take you to from prototype to production faster than most can deliver the prototypes. No waiting around!

Whether your requirement is for research and development, aerospace, commercial, or medical, we have materials that will do the job right. No excuses! We have a lot to offer to make you #1.