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Shipping International

Magnetic Component Engineering ships products to any customer anywhere in the world, provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. They meet the regulatory requirements of the United States Government. This includes treaties, current export policies, patents, and license requirements. The product also must not violate the laws of the destination country.
  2. The customer agrees to arrange for payment by one of the following methods:

2.1  Irrevocable letter of credit.
2.2  Telegraphic transfer at time of order.
2.3  Payment by sending a bank draft/check.

Open account terms are NOT offered to overseas customers.

Important Note regarding shipping magnets internationally by air

Magnetized magnets need to be packaged in a special manner so that they are appropriate to ship by air to international destinations. The requirements are very strict for international and overseas shipments. Additionally, the shipment may have to be declared as a "dangerous goods article," and special documentation and certification is required. For all international shipments by air, a special documentation and packaging charge of $250.00 will apply.

Additionally, please be aware that many airports overseas do not accept magnetized magnets through their facilities. When requesting a shipment by air, it is the customer's responsibility to determine that the designated airport does accept magnetized magnets. In the event that this has not been checked, it is possible to have considerable delays since the shipment may be routed back to MCE after it has been shipped.