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Non-Standard Chemicals

MCE uses an array of chemicals, such as adhesives, epoxies, solvents, etc. at our manufacturing facility. It is MCE's objective to make sure that the chemicals used on site comply with local, state, and federal regulations. This requires that the chemicals are logged into our system, emergency phone numbers are made accessible, material safety data sheets are kept current, employees that are exposed to the chemicals are trained on its proper use, informed of any dangers with its use, provided appropriate safety gear, and that the chemicals are disposed in a responsible and safe manner. Additionally, chemicals that have an expiration date are tracked so that we can remove the chemical upon reaching the expiration date. Finally, we have to audit our systems to ensure we are complying.

This puts a substantial burden on us. It takes resources to comply with the above, from training, to tracking, and finally to disposal in a safe manner.

We therefore try to limit the different chemicals we handle. While we do not provide a list of chemicals that we currently use, we do encourage you to check with your sales person to see if we are currently using certain chemicals that you are interested in having us use for an assembly job.

If the chemical is already in our system and we are using it, there is no additional charge to the customer. However, if it is a chemical that we are not using, a hazardous materials charge is assessed in the amount of $500.00 in addition to the cost of the chemical. For example, if a customer would like us to use a special adhesive to bond their magnets because this special adhesive has been found to work better for the customer, the cost of the adhesive and a hazmat charge of $500.00 will apply.