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Material Safety Data Sheets

The US Department of Labor requires that manufacturers keep on file and distribute MSDS on products that are considered hazardous.

Magnets are typically not hazardous to the human body, nor have DC magnetic fields, like those produced by permanent magnets, been known to be harmful in any way.

However, grinding dust, chips, magnet powder, grinding swarf, etc. do have some negative impacts. Adequate ventilation MUST be used when grinding magnets. Grinding swarf must be disposed so that is compliant with state, local, and federal laws. When discarding permanent magnets, especially magnetized magnets, all current laws must be complied with.

If you wish to receive an MSDS on any of our products, please call the factory directly at (800)989-5656 and ask for the Sales Department, or call your local MCE representative and request an MSDS. We will gladly forward you the appropriate MSDS. 

You are cautioned, however, that ALL permanent magnets are brittle, and generally, when allowed to impact each other or metal, they will chip. The fragments produced in this manner can be extremely hazardous. Chips can get in the eyes if proper protection is not being worn. Larger magnets can attract each other with considerable force. If magnets are not handled correctly, and/or without proper protection, severe injury is possible. Larger rare-earth magnets, generally over a couple of inches, can break, pinch, or damage one's fingers quite easily. The larger the assembly/magnet system, the more hazardous it can be. Do not try to assemble magnets at your facility if the personnel are not adequately trained. Leave this task for us. Our personnel are adequately trained, supervised, and receive continuous training in handling magnets.