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Employment at MCE

Below is a list of benefits that MCE currently offers. This article also covers MCE's policies concerning equal opportunity employment, dress code, etc.

Benefits: Same as other positions, currently offered are the following:

  1. Vacation – 1 wk. AFTER 1st year, non-accrued. 2 wks thereafter, accrued.
  2. Health Insurance: Offered after 3 months of service. HMO type, currently Health Net. Covers primary worker. You can elect to cover your immediate family if you pay 30% of the premium for them (spouse and children).
  3. Profit Sharing: Eligible to become member of the program after 1 year plus time to entry point. Entry points are in June and December.
  4. 401k: Set up for employee benefit. Employee may elect to have a fixed amount deducted from their paycheck regularly. Company cannot fund 401k since Company funds Profit Sharing and Government regulations and tax law allows only one.
  5. Public Holidays are paid (5 days/year).
  6. Summer and Winter Shutdowns: Employee uses vacation time for these shutdowns. Company is closed July 4th week and Dec 25th thru Jan 1st.

The list of benefits above are for reference only. The MCE Employee manual gives detailed information and shall be used as the official source of benefit information.

Dress Code: Casual attire. Must comply with current dress code as designated in the Standard Operating Procedure. 

Equal Employment Opportunity: Magnetic Component Engineering, Inc. provides equal employment opportunity for all, regardless of: age, sex, sexual orientation, color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, marital status, political belief, and disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. In addition, laws regarding veterans' status are observed. This is reflected in all Magnetic Component Engineering, Inc. practices and policies regarding hiring, training, promotions, transfers, rates of pay, layoffs, and other forms of compensation. All matters relating to employment are based upon ability to perform the job, as well as dependability and reliability once hired.

Note: Masculine pronouns such as he, his, or him shall be construed so as to include both sexes.

Introductory Period: Your first ninety (90) days of employment at Magnetic Component Engineering, Inc. are considered an Introductory Period, and during that period you will not accrue benefits described in this Manual unless otherwise required by law. This Introductory Period will be a time to get to know your fellow employees, your manager, and the tasks involved in your job position, as well as becoming familiar with Magnetic Component Engineering, Inc.’s products and services. Your manager will work closely with you to help you understand the needs and processes of your job.

This Introductory Period is a trial period for both you as an employee. and Magnetic Component Engineering, Inc. as an employer. During this Introductory Period, Magnetic Component Engineering, Inc. will evaluate your suitability for employment, and you can evaluate Magnetic Component Engineering, Inc. as well. At any time during this first ninety (90) days, you may resign without any detriment to your record. If during this period your work habits, attitude, attendance or performance do not measure up to our standards, we may release you. If you take approved time off in excess of five workdays during the Introductory Period, the Introductory Period may be extended by that length of time.

At the end of the Introductory Period, your manager will discuss your job performance with you. This review will be similar to the job performance review that is held for regular full-time or part-time employees on a semi-annual basis. During the course of the discussion, you are encouraged to give your comments and ideas as well.

Please understand that completion of the Introductory Period does not guarantee continued employment for any specified period of time, nor does it require that an employee be discharged only for "cause." Your continued employment will be “at-will” so that you or the company may terminate it any time with or without cause or notice.

A former employee who has been rehired after a separation from Magnetic Component Engineering, Inc. of more than one (1) year is considered an introductory employee during their first thirty (30) days following rehire.

Proof Of U.S. Citizenship And/Or Right To Work: Federal regulations require that 1) before becoming employed, all applicants must complete and sign Federal Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification Form; and 2) all applicants who are hired must present documents of identity and eligibility to work in the U. S. before starting work.