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Blanket Orders

To assist customers in lowering costs and improving product flow on demand, MCE offers the ability to place Blanket Orders.

Blanket Orders are orders that are shipped on a scheduled basis. The schedule may be firm, or dynamic.

Blanket Orders work as follows:

  1. MCE manufactures the parts in quantities that are most convenient for manufacturing. This may be the whole order at one time or partials, whichever is most economical for the customer.
  2. The customer provides forecast information to MCE so that MCE can provide product without interruption to the customer.
  3. The customer must take the full quantity ordered within 12 months from the time the order was placed.
  4. The customer must provide MCE with a shipping schedule at least 60 days prior to the anticipated shipping date.

Below is the form that will need to be signed by an authorized representative of your organization so that we can set up your order as a blanket order.

    Blanket Order Initiation Form

Blanket Order Release Quantities:

Blanket Orders must be mutually beneficial. Because of the costs associated with handling orders, each release must comply with either a $500.00 minimum per line item invoice value or 10% of the original total order value per line item, whichever is GREATER! If a line item being released exceeds $2500.00 then you do NOT have to meet the 10% requirement.

Blanket Orders are pre-packaged and held so that they can ship for you as soon as you need the parts. If you would like to have the parts packaged in particular quantities, please state that on your order, however, you must still meet the release quantity minimums. Please release in pre-specified quantities to prevent "breaking" the boxes. Alternatively, when requesting a release, please feel free to ask your sales person what box quantities we have so you can determine what will work best for you.


A customer orders 900 pcs. at $6.65 ea.

The minimum quantity that can be released per release request is $598.50. This is calculated as follows: 900 x $6.65 = $5,985.00. Now divide this value by 10 to obtain the minimum shipping quantity. This ends up being 90 pcs. If you did not specify that you will be taking parts in 90 piece quantities, it is possible that our production department will pre-package the product with 50 pieces per box. In this case, you would need to take 100 pieces when released.