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Expedited Jobs

Magnetic Component Engineering offers custom manufactured parts on an expedited basis when required. Jobs that require expedited manufacturing are assessed a premium charge. Here are some commonly asked questions answered.

How is my job handled if I request Expedited Service?

From the time the order is received to shipping the product, your job will receive the highest priority. It starts with the sales order that is tagged as "Expedited". The sales order is entered immediately into the Niagara Job Tracking module. The job is flagged as "Premium" in the job tracking system. After the job is initiated, processing starts immediately. All job assignments are allocated in a manner such that resolving the Premium jobs receive priority. Within minutes of receiving the job, the Engineering Dept. will generate production drawings and plannings.

Next, raw materials will be issued against the planning. The planning tag will indicate the high priority. This means if the job arrives at a station and it is just about to be lunch time, the station resolving the job will have to first resolve the expedited job and lunch will have to wait. The Production Dept. will tear down existing set-ups as required. Staging time for expedited jobs is brought down to close to zero. From in-process inspections to next step operations, expedited jobs will keep on moving regardless of current job assignments. The Production Dept. will also allocate overtime and weekends including Sundays as required to process the expedited job. As each department is assigned its tasks throughout the day, the expedited job will always appear on the top of the list.

The outcome - You receive the highest level of service possible, no delays, no excuses!

Who can get a higher priority over my job if I elect the expedited option?

Only jobs that carry a defense priority rating will be higher on the list. These are government jobs, which, by contract, are assigned a defense priority rating by the US Government. It is a violation of the law to stage this job for a non-defense related job (MCE complies with all requirements of 15 CFR 700.11 for Defense Priorities and Allocations System rated jobs).

How is the Premium Charge of Expedited Jobs allocated?

Premium Charges are allocated by taking into account the impact of processing the expedited job with the current workload. Additionally, extra raw materials may need to be allocated; overtime and weekend time is also factored in. Lastly, since existing jobs are calculated on a predetermined number of set-ups, and set-ups will need to be torn down to process the expedited job(s), this is also factored in. There is a heavy cost to processing jobs so fast, and the price quoted for the Premium is used to defer such costs.

How many jobs can MCE process on an expedited basis?

MCE can process only a finite number of jobs on an expedited basis. Expedited positions are offered to partner customers. These are customers that are regarded by MCE as key customers.   Not all customers are offered expedited positions.  Additionally, depending on current workloads, expedited positions are not always available.

How fast can MCE process a job if we want the FASTEST possible?

The actual speed at which a job can be processed depends on its complexity. Additionally, jobs that require outside processing can be more challenging since these processes are not entirely in our control.  You can be assured, however, that we are the FASTEST.  In fact, even our standard processing will beat most competitors expedited deliveries. So our EXPEDITED service is EXTREMELY FAST!

We were not offered an Expedited Delivery but we need one, what should we do?

Talk to your sales representative.  He/she is your representative at the factory. Let them know what you need and they will try to find ways of achieving your goals!

Are there any limitations on Expedited jobs?

Yes, there are.

  1. Expedite Jobs may only ship by Federal Express unless prior arrangements are made and accepted.
  2. If your job is COD, only Federal Express prepaid service can be accepted.
  3. All expedited jobs are quoted as when the product can ship from our facility.
  4. Making changes to requirements while an Expedited job has been released will incur additional costs. The lead time will also need to be extended by the duration required to implement the change (typically 48 hours).
  5. Once a job is expedited, making a change in its priority is not typically possible.
  6. The lead time (shipping time) for expedited jobs is based on hours and days. A day is defined as a business day, Mon - Fri. The day is broken into production hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm). Any fractional hour is counted as the next full hour (therefore 10:15 am is counted as 11:00 am). Orders MUST be received by 9:00 am for that day to count as a production day. (Example - if an order is received at 9:10 am, the current date shall not count as a production day, and the shipment for a 2 week expedited job shall be 14 calender days starting the next business day).
  7. If the shipment is for a will-call, you can arrange to pick the product up after 5:00 pm.

Do we have to get our job EXPEDITED?

No, you do not.  The expedited service is only offered as a service when time is of the essence. However, if you wish to go with our standard shipping schedule, we will work to achieve the quoted deadline! Do NOT use the Expedited service to guarantee a standard shipping schedule.  Additionally, if your job is based on a standard shipping schedule, even if we take on Expedited jobs, your job will still be on time.  As required, we use overtime and weekends to process expedited jobs instead of missing deadlines on standard shipping schedules.